In a world of information overload, Small World Stories can help your organization or community to share its story of positive change with a wider audience.

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Our core team has more than five decades of combined experience in international development, journalism and communication. On a project basis, we draw on the expertise, creativity and knowledge of our talented associates, living and working around the world. They are photographers, videographers, writers, researchers, strategists, graphic designers, journalists and social media experts. Between us we speak more than 15 languages, but officially, we work in English, Spanish and French.

Small World Stories is based in Australia and has a representative office in Spain.

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Our Associates

Claire Lindsay

After studying Media and Communications Claire has worked in media production across various roles in the Television Industry. Claire has worked across News & Current Affairs, Lifestyle, Factual Entertainment and Documentary for public broadcasters, commercial networks and independent production companies.

Lisa Hiller-Garvey

Lisa Hiller-Garvey has lived and worked in South Asia, the Pacific, and Europe for the past 13 years. She has devised and led numerous UN communication efforts, often in crisis response situations. With academic qualifications and practical experience in journalism and professional communication, she has sharp writing skills and her work has been published in Australia, the United Kingdom, Asia and Europe.

Macarena Aguilar

Macarena Aguilar is trained as a journalist and holds an MA in development studies. She has worked for the past 14 years with a range of international humanitarian and development organisations in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia as a communication and advocacy expert. Macarena has managed emergency response communication efforts and designed longer-term multimedia campaigns on a range of topics. Her ability to broker partnerships around creative communication initiatives has been a key element of her work.

Nigel Hiller-Garvey

Nigel Hiller-Garvey has more than 25 years field experience in development throughout the world, and has spent the last fifteen years working as a video editor and cameraman. Nigel has filmed, edited and produced numerous videos for United Nations and non-government organizations on topics including: governance, health, and crisis recovery. Prior to Small World Stories, Nigel worked with non-government organizations as a trainer and project manager. Nigel has qualifications in video documentary production, editing, video sound production, and engineering.


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