We love what we do


Our strategies are like roadmaps that guide us and our partners to say the right thing, to the right people, at the right time and, ultimately, ignite action. 

Our strategies involve conversations with those involved in the programmes, meticulous planning and a combination of consistent actions and products to advance the narratives we want to convey. 

We pay detailed attention to framing, and then we translate the frames into stories and messages. We never put the word out to the general public, mostly because the “general public” doesn’t exist. 

We believe ‘audiences’ are groups of real people who listen to and believe very particular types of information sources, and whose values and ideas are shaped by very specific cultural trends. For that reason our strategy development processes involve careful audience research to understand what will motivate different audiences to join our cause.


Guided by a strategic direction and frame, our stories are told from the perspective of those who are empowered by the work of our partners. They are emotive, but also informative, giving the audience an insight into the wider realities and challenges faced by those that our partners work with. 

In this way, our stories often raise awareness about under reported issues, give a voice to lesser-heard people and provide insights into how challenges are overcome. We work closely with our partners to identify compelling storytellers and storylines within their network. We then document and produce the stories, which can take many shapes and be shared in countless ways.


Within the mix of communications products and formats we create, audio visual holds a special place. By combining visuals, with ‘real’ voices, music, graphics and much more, we’ve brought to life the most amazing stories, touched people’s hearts and inspired entire communities to take action. We’ve been able to unpack complex issues and processes and transform them into accessible and engaging information. 

Our videos take the form of short documentaries, public service announcements or short clips fit for social media. They are broadcast on national and international television, shared through international film festivals and used widely by our clients across their own communication platforms, through their networks and in their campaigns.