Pandemic Warriors Series

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In Pandemic Warriors, our new series for the ABC, we explore how people across Asia and the Pacific have turned the COVID crisis into an opportunity to improve life for their communities, often in surprising ways. To produce the stories we met the most amazing people from Timor Leste to Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. We also spoke to their Australian collaborators.
PandemicWarriorsArtboard_Solomon Islands climate defenders

Solomon Islands climate defenders

When the seas swallowed her grandparents’ home, Gladys Habu from the Solomon Islands, was compelled to become a climate advocate calling for the world to declare the ongoing climate crisis a climate emergency. Teaming up with Australian researcher Simon Albert, she took her call onto the world stage. Watch it now:


Welcome to the science circus

Follow two young Samoans and their Australian mentor as they prepare and deliver a show that entertains but also deeply affects its audience as the science of climate change is revealed.
Watch it now:


Vanuatu reimagines tourism

In Vanuatu, one way to help revitalize a COVID decimated tourism industry is through local food. Votausi Reur-Mckenzie, the ´Queen of Ni-Van cuisine´and National Agritourism Coordinator, is showing how it’s done. Watch it now: