The Climate Communications Resources Hub

To get many more people to care about the climate crisis and take meaningful actions we need clever, creative, inclusive, targeted and a very wide range of communications strategies, tactics and campaigns. But, for many reasons, communicating about climate change has historically been hard. Communicators have struggled to find the right tone, messages, stories, visuals etc. that most people can relate to when sharing complex scientific evidence and climate solutions. True! Denial, delay and dis and misinformation efforts heavily funded by the fossil fuels industry haven’t helped. Thankfully, knowledge and understanding about the dos and don’ts of climate communications is growing significantly. That said, the abundance of new resources can sometimes be overwhelming; they can often be scattered and hard to find or prioritize.


The Climate Communications Resources Hub, launched in October 2023, is a Small World Stories Project to help climate activists, communicators and marketers, journalists and storytellers communicate effectively about the climate emergency and, as a result, inspire more people to act.


The Hub includes academic papers, how-to guides, media articles, webinars, podcasts and books analyzing climate communications good and not so good practices. Some of the most recent and relevant public opinion surveys and audience segmentation initiatives are also available in the Hub. Reflecting a critical reality communicators must keep front and center, resources about the history and the state of affairs in the space of climate change dis/misinformation abound in the Hub. Films and documentaries produced with an intended climate change storyline are also featured in the Hub, as well as organizations and initiatives specializing in climate communications research, creative mobilization campaigns, as well as those in the front lines of combatting greenwashing. The Hub also includes a blog section designed to help visitors navigate the Hub more effectively. Blog entries spotlight trends, top of mind themes and signpost the relevant resources available in the Hub.