Decarbonizing the hardest to abate industries


Decarbonising heavy industry can turn the tide on climate change. Coordinated by UNIDO, the Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI) is the largest and most diverse coalition of governments and private sector working to decarbonize some of the hardest to abate industries such steel, cement and concrete. In 2021 we helped IDDI come ‘to life’ and get ready for its launch at Glasgow’s COP26.


We developed a set of explainer communications products that included a battery of key messages, a ppt presentation, a video, a factsheet and an infographic. We also kickstarted the engagement with mainstream and niche media, which involved issuing two press releases, a press kit , and pitching an opinion piece. Stay tuned as our partnership with IDDI continues through 2022.


Watch the explainer video: