Communicating Development Results

UN Ethiopia

With double-digit growth and big human development leaps over the past decade, Ethiopia is clearly a country on the move. In 2013, spent six-weeks documenting the successes and knowledge gained from five United Nations (UN) projects there.

We spoke to officials, development practitioners and spent time with communities across the country. We met nomadic herders dealing with the impacts of climate change in the Somali Region, health workers battling child malnutrition in Amhara and women challenging detrimental behaviors and attitudes in Tigray.

The results: an insightful booklet and a series of five videos. The UN used these widely to share their successes and learning both nationally and internationally.

Watch video:

Watch one of five videos that we produced and follows the story of an innovative scientist and a community as they work out how to create nutritious infant food in remote rural areas of Ethiopia.

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