Social Impact Documentaries

Based in regional NSW, we are a Production Company that specialises in documentary storytelling that evokes dialogue, raises awareness and creates positive social change. Telling ‘Small World Stories’ that challenge the status-quo and give a voice to minorities and the marginalised is at the heart of what we do. We aim to inform and engage audiences by broadening perspectives through our journalistic approach that defines us.

In Development

Amp Camp

Amp Camp strives to raise awareness of children and young people with a limb difference and to challenge perceptions of amputees. Reaching out to amputees, their families and carers, and the amputee community with the message that being different is ok. Amp Camp is currently seeking philanthropic funding through the Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) please follow link for more information:

In Production

Still Me

Still Me documents the experiences of three individuals living with dementia as they and their families create heartfelt digital life stories. Filmed over several months, we see the practical and felt impacts of dementia as it progresses as well as the challenges that Australia’s health system has in providing adequate care. We experience the spirit, humor and triumphs of people suffering from what is now Australia’s second biggest cause of death. We meet experts who offer insightful interviews about memory loss and why the fraught health system is ill equipped to face an impending “dementia tsunami”.

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