Shearwater season

Every year in April/May thousands of fledgling Wedge-tailed Shearwaters from one of the world’s last remaining breeding grounds found in Coffs Harbour, Australia, try to follow their parents on their annual migration to South East Asia. If all goes well, they take-off in the late evening and follow the moon. Sadly, the lights of Coffs Harbour can look like the moon too and if a Shearwater makes this mistake and ends up in town rather than the sea, it can’t take-off again. Many die every year in and around Coffs Harbour.

We supported our local wildlife rescue organization to set-up a community awareness campaign that helped people understand what was happening and how they can help if they found a bird in distress. The campaign involved posters, media outreach and a facebook community.

In 2020 we will celebrate six years of supporting this awareness effort. We’re proud that many more people now know about the flight of the Shearwaters and every year more and more birds are rescued by informed members of the public.